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The conference covers high-level content of swine production, disease surveillance and control, the latest in research and development, and international perspectives of the swine industry. The event will provide interactive learning with a forum for discussion and case study with professional leaders.

2014 Speakers

Shih-Ping Chen
Taiwan Agriculture Technology Research Institute


Dr. Shih-Ping Chen is Director of Agriculture Technology Research Institute in Taiwan. He is the Project Leader of the production medicine team which provides consulting services, continue education, and a website with information for pig production and health management to Taiwanese farmers and veterinarians. His researches are focus on the control, transmission, pathogenesis of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) in pig-adapted strain since the first FMD outbreak was found in Taiwan in 1997. His FMD papers were published in journals, such as Vaccine and Veterinary Microbiology, which provide practical methods of routine vaccination and monitoring cases in the farms. Dr. Chen also provides advices in the control and surveillance of FMD cases in Taiwan. He was invited to present his findings in Korea and Japan.

陈世平博士是台湾农业科技研究院协理。他是生产医学项目的主持人,专门为台湾养猪生产者和兽医提供与养猪生产和健康管理方面的咨询服务及继续教育。从 1997年口蹄疫在台湾爆发以来,他一直从事猪口蹄疫病毒的防控、传播、和发病机理的研究。研究成果发表在主要的国际期刊,如《疫苗、兽医微生物杂志》, 为猪场提供常规免疫和监控 的实用方法。陈博士同时为台湾的口蹄疫防控提供建议。 他受邀到韩国及日本就口蹄疫的研究和发现做演讲。  

Jane Christopher-Hennings
South Dakota State University,USA 
让·克里斯托弗 - 亨宁斯 

Dr. Christopher-Hennings is the Head and Director of the South Dakota State University (SDSU) Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences Department (VBSD)/Animal Disease Research and Diagnostic Laboratory (ADRDL). Her expertise is in the diagnosis and pathogenesis of viral diseases of swine. Her research at SDSU started in 1990 where she worked on the initial characterization of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) Virus, performed C-sections for obtaining gnotobiotic pigs to confirm Koch’s postulates in identifying the cause of the disease and developed one of the first PCR based tests that was used in describing the pathogenesis and identification of PRRSV in boars and semen. Her current research involves the development of new diagnostic tests and evaluating the detection, epidemiology, pathogenesis and control of PRRSV, Porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV), influenza and other viral diseases of swine. She received her BS and MS degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a DVM from the University of Minnesota. She was in private veterinary practice for 6 years and conducted research studies during a post-doctoral position at SDSU. 

克里斯托弗 – 汉宁斯博士是南达科塔州立大学兽医和生物医学科学系/动物疾病研究系主任和诊断实验室主任。她的专长是猪的病毒性疾病的诊断和发病机制。她在南达科塔州立大学的研究始于1990年,包括最初对猪繁殖与呼吸综合征病毒的特性研究,通过剖腹产获得无菌猪,来确认柯赫关于病因鉴定的假设, 开发了第一个基于PCR的检测方法, 用于公猪和精液中蓝耳病发病机理的描述和蓝耳病毒的鉴定。 她目前的研究涉及到的新的诊断方法的开发和评估,流行病学,发病机制及猪繁殖与呼吸综合征病毒 ,猪流行性腹泻病毒,流感和其它猪病毒性疾病的控制。她从威斯康星-麦迪逊大学获得了学士和硕士学位,在明尼苏达大学或得了兽医学博士学位。她曾从业私人兽医6年,在南达科塔州立大学博士后期间开展研究工作。

Joe Connor
Carthage Veterinary Service, Ltd., USA


Dr. Connor obtained his D.V.M. and completed the Executive Veterinary Program at the University of Illinois. Dr. Connor focuses on disease management and elimination. He is the President of Carthage Veterinary Service, Ltd. (CVS). Dr. Connor received the Master’s Award from The National Hog Farmer in 2009, the Leman Science in Practice Award in 2004, and American Association of Swine Veterinarians (AASV) Swine Practitioner of the Year Award in 1995. In 1992, he was Howard Dunne Memorial Lecturer. In 2008, he was presented the Dr. Erwin Small Distinguished Alumni Award by the University of Illinois and was awarded with the “First” Honorary Member of the Japanese Association of Swine Veterinarians (JASV) in 2008.
康纳博士在伊利诺伊大学取得兽医学博士并完成了执行兽医项目。康纳博士专注疾病管理和灭除。他担任迦太基兽医服务公司的主席一职。康纳博士2009年获得了国家养猪场协会颁发的杰出奖,2004年获得了李曼科学实践奖,1995年获得了美国猪兽医协会年度养猪实践者奖。1992年,他担任了霍华德•邓恩纪 念演讲人。2008年,他获得了伊利诺伊大学颁发的厄尔文博士杰出校友奖,并于2008年且成为日本猪兽医协会的第一个荣誉成员。

Scott Dee
Pipestone Veterinary Services


Dr. Scott Dee is the Director of Research for Pipestone Veterinary Services. He oversees Pipestone Applied Research (PAR), a business unit which includes 4 research facilities and research collaborations with companies totaling 1.3 M sows across North America. Prior to coming to Pipestone, Dr. Dee was a Professor at the University Of Minnesota College Of Veterinary Medicine as well as a swine practitioner in WC Minnesota. Dr. Dee has published over 140 papers in peer-reviewed journals and has received several award including the 1996 AASV Swine Veterinarian of the Year, the 1996 AD Leman Science in Practice award and the 2007 Pfizer Award for Research Excellence. Scott received his DVM, MS and PhD degrees from the UMN and is a board-certified veterinary microbiologist.


Xiuli Guo
Beijing Liuma Pig-breeding Technology Co., Ltd


Guo Xiuli is currently the general manager of Beijing Liuma Pig-breeding Technology Co., Ltd. and biosecurity manager of Beijing Liuma Technology Group. She joined Liuma Group after finishing her graduate study. Ms. Guo worked on building company’s biosecurity system, developing and implementing the techniques for pig production improvement, including batch production, PRRS elimination, two-site production, and partial depopulation in nursery.

郭 秀丽,现任北京六马科技集团生物安全部经理兼北京六马养猪科技有限公司总经理,六马是中国第一家大体型美国种猪基因品牌,致力于打造中国领先的集约化猪场 一站式高效率服务平台。她自研究生毕业就加入六马团队,致力于集团生物安全体系的建立,并不断围绕养猪生产开展工作,组织了批次生产、蓝耳净化、两点式生 产、保育部分清群等技术的实施。

Yumao Huang
South China Agricultural University


Dr.Yuman Huang is an associate professor in the College of Veterinary Medicine at the South China Agricultural. He is a specialist in swine diseases prevention and control program in Guangdong province’s modern agricultural production system. Dr. Huang has been involved in teaching, research, and outreach in the area of livestock infectious diseases, particularly swine diseases. He is engaged in providing advice to large pig producers like Wens group to improve pig productivity and control diseases.


Han-Soo Joo
University of Minnesota, USA


Dr. HanSoo Joo is a Professor in the University of Minnesota Swine Group. He has been teaching Swine Diseases for veterinary students, and conducting basic and applied research on swine viral diseases for over 30 years. His research has been on understanding pathogenesis, development of diagnostic methods, control measures and vaccines for different viral diseases including PRRS, Swine Influenza, PCV2, PED, PRV and others. During the last 15 years, he has traveled to China many times working for Chinese swine veterinarians and producers as a consultant of the US Grains Council. Currently he is under a phase retirement program at the University of Minnesota and working as consultants for swine companies in South Korea, China, Thailand and other countries.
朱 汉首博士是明尼苏达大学养猪小组的教授。30年来,他一直教授兽医学生课程-猪疾病学,并开展猪病毒性疾病的基础和应用研究工作。他的研究领域为了解发病 机理,开发诊断方法,不同的病毒性疾病,包括蓝耳病,猪流感,PCV2,PED,PRV的控制措施和免疫。在过去的15年里,他作为美国谷物协会的顾问多 次到中国与中国养猪兽医和生产者进行合作。目前,他正处于美国明尼苏达大学阶段退休计划中,并在韩国,中国,泰国的养猪公司里担任顾问。

Zhengfei Liu
Huazhong Agricultural University

Dr. Liu is a professor at the Huazhong Agricultural University and researcher in the State Key Laboratory of Agricultural Microbiology, mainly engaged in teaching, research, and technology development in virology and zoonotic disease. He received his Ph.D. in molecular breeding for disease resistance at the Huazhong Agricultural University in 2002. He did postdoctoral training in College of Veterinary Medicine at Kansas State University from October 2004 to April 2007. Dr. Liu's research interests are: neurotropic and incubate infection of animal α herpes virus (swine pseudorabies virus and bovine rhinotracheitis virus) and intracellular parasitism of Brucella. His interests in the swine pseudorabies virus include: (1) host cell interactions; (2) non-coding genes and their functions; (3) new vaccines and diagnostic methods. Dr. Liu successfully developed two genetically engineered vaccines, receiving two safety certificates for transgenic vaccine, one certificate for new veterinary medicine registration, and three patents. He has published more than thirty research papers in the Journal of Virology and other national and international magazines. He received the First Prize of Hubei Province Science and Technology Progress Award. At present, he leads one project funded by the National Science Foundation and one funded by National 973 Program.

刘正飞博士现为华中农业大学的一名教授和农业微生物学国家重点实验室固定研究人员,主要从事病毒学和人畜共患病的教学、科研与科技开发工作。2002年6月 获华中农业大学兽医分子抗病育种博士学位,2004年10月至2007年4月在美国堪萨斯州立大学兽医学院做博士后。刘博士的主要研究方向为动物α疱疹病毒(猪伪狂犬病毒和牛传染性鼻气管炎病毒)的嗜神经性和潜伏感染性,及布鲁氏菌的细胞内寄生机制。对猪伪狂犬病毒的兴趣包括:(1)伪狂犬病毒与宿主细胞相互作用;(2)伪狂犬病毒的非编码基因及其功能;(3)新型疫苗和诊断方法研究。他成功研制了两种基因工程疫苗,获得了两个转基因安全证书、一个新兽药注册证书、三个发明专利;刘博士在Journal of Virology等国内外杂志发表论文三十余篇,获湖北省科技进步一等奖。目前主持国家自然科学基金项目一项,参与国家973课题一项。

Bob Morrison
University of Minnesota,USA


Dr.Bob Morrison is a Veterinary Professor in the University of Minnesota Swine Group. He is an avid teacher, and conducts applied research and service to the swine industry. One of his responsibilities is program chair for the annual Leman Swine Conference. He is also the host of a popular educational audio series called "At the Meeting". Bob is involved in a family owned swine farm with 3,000 sows in western Minnesota. He consults with small regional swine farms and large integrated systems in the United States and around the world. This broad experience in conjunction with his business training gives him the ability to combine applied science with the business aspects of pork production.

莫瑞森博士是明尼苏达大学养猪小组的兽医教授。他热心教学,并从事养猪行业的应用研究和服务。他的职责之一是作为一年一度的里曼养猪大会的项目主席。他还是知名网络教育系统“ At the meeting” 的主持人。鲍勃还参与一个位于明尼苏达西部,有3000头母猪的自家拥有猪场的管理。他为美国及世界范围小型和大型猪场提供咨询。鲍勃既有养猪方面的经 验,又有商业教育背景,集养猪生产应用科学和商业管理于一身。

Michael P Murtaugh 
University of Minnesota, USA

Dr. Murtaugh is a Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences. His research goal is to understand pig immune responses to infection; how immune responses are produced, mechanisms of protection, impact of variation in host and pathogen on efficacy of herd protection with a focus on important swine pathogens, especially PRRSV, PCV2 and PEDV. He was the director of the PRRS Coordinated Agricultural Project, the first USDA program project, from 2004 to 2008 and has lectured extensively on PRRS immunology, vaccinology, and diagnostics throughout the world. Recently his lab has initiated a similar program to elucidate the immunological interaction of swine with porcine circoviruses, and has contributed to annotation of immune response genes in the porcine genome. Dr. Murtaugh’s many contributions have been recognized through the CVM Pfizer Award for Research Excellence (four times) and the University of Minnesota Inventor Recognition Award in 2005, a University Innovations Award in 2011, and the Allen D. Leman Swine Conference Pijoan Lectureship in 2008. He received Distinguished Veterinary Immunologist Award, 2012, American Association of Immunologists and American Association of Veterinary Immunologists.

莫特夫博士是兽医和生物医学科学系的教授和研究生院主任,他的研究方向是猪对感染的免疫反应,免疫反应如何产生,保护机制,宿主和病原的变异对猪群保护作用的影响,主要专注PRRSV,PCV2和PEDV的研究。他曾是猪蓝耳病协调农业项目2004-2008项目主任,此项目是美国农业部首个蓝耳病项目。他应邀在世界各地讲授猪蓝耳病的免疫,疫苗和诊断。最近,他的实验室启动了一个类似研究计划,以阐明猪对圆环病毒的免疫反应,并对猪基因组内的免疫反应基因的标注做了贡献。莫特夫博士的许多贡献获得认可,他获得了学院辉瑞奖(4次),于2005年获得了明尼苏达大学发明家荣誉奖, 于2011年获得大学创新奖,于2008年成为李曼养猪大会PiJoan奖获奖人,于2012年获得了美国免疫学家协会和美国兽医免疫学家学会的杰出兽医免疫学家奖。


 (Bio to be posted)

Maria Pieters
University of Minnesota,USA

Dr. Maria Pieters is a faculty member with the Swine Group at the College of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Minnesota. She is an investigator with strong background on Mycoplasma research. Her investigation has been focused on swine Mycoplasmas, with special emphasis on M. hyopneumoniae diagnostics, immunology, epidemiology and control. She received her DVM degree from the Universidad Central de Venezuela and her PhD from the University of Minnesota. During her PhD research Dr. Pieters showed that M. hyopneumoniae infections are prolonged in infected animals and that infected animals can be carriers for up to 214 days after infection, information that has been instrumental to develop effective mycoplasma elimination protocols. During her post-doctoral experience at the University of Illinois she studied the effect of gut microbiota on Mycoplasma infection in pigs. More recently, Dr. Pieters has led efforts in the Mycoplasma Research Laboratory of the University of Minnesota (http://www.cvm.umn.edu/vpm/faculty/mariapieters/Mycoplasma-Research-Laboratory/index.htm), where she is dedicated to diagnostics, epidemiology and control of animal Mycoplasmas, especially in swine.

玛丽亚•皮特斯博士是明尼苏达大学兽医学院养猪研究小组成员。她从事支原体方面的研究。 研究内容集中在猪支原体,特别着重猪肺炎支原体诊断,免疫学,流行病学和控制。皮特斯博士在委内瑞拉中央大学获得DVM学位;在明尼苏达大学获得博士学 位。在她的博士研究证明猪肺炎支原体在感染动物中长期存在, 感染后可携带病原长达214天, 研究结果对开发有效的支原体清除方法很有帮助。在她的伊利诺伊大学博士后研究中,她研究了肠道菌群对猪支原体感染影响。最近,皮特斯博士牵头美国明尼苏达大学的支原体实验室开展研究,致力于动物特别是猪的支原体的诊断,流行病学和控制。 

Tim Snider
University of Minnesota, USA


Dr. Snider is an Instructor in the Department of Veterinary Population Medicine at the College of Veterinary Medicine. After receiving his DVM from the University of Guelph in 1992, Dr. Snider entered swine veterinary practice in western Canada where he developed his expertise in swine health and production with a focus on breeding stock health assurance. In 2013, Dr. Snider received a Master of Public Health and completed a residency in Veterinary Public Health and Preventive Medicine at the University of Minnesota’s Center for Animal Health and Food Safety. In 2012, he was honored to have received the American Association of Swine Veterinarian’s prestigious Alex Hogg Scholarship. His studies offered an opportunity to focus on food system issues such as food borne disease, traceability, and foreign animal disease preparedness and response. In his position at the University of Minnesota, Dr Snider is currently focusing on risk analysis efforts related to the swine feed supply chain as well as DVM and post-DVM training courses. He maintains a close connection to clinical practice by continuing to serve as a staff veterinarian on the health assurance team for the Topigs Norsvin breeding stock company in the USA.

斯奈德博士是明尼苏达大学兽医学院兽医群体医学系讲师。他1992年从圭尔夫大学获得DVM学位,之后在加拿大西部从事猪兽医实践,积累猪的健康和生产的专业知识,重点研究种畜健康保证。2013年,斯奈德博士获得公共卫生硕士学位,并在明尼苏达州大学动物健康和食品安全中心做兽医公共卫生与预防医学实习医。 2012年,他荣幸地收到了美国猪兽医协会亚历克斯霍格奖学金。他的研究重点在食品系统,如食源性疾病,可追踪性,以及外来动物疾病的防范和应对。在明尼苏达大学任职期间,斯奈德博士目前专注于猪饲料的供应链风险分析以及DVM和DVM后期培训工作。他仍然与临床实践保持紧密联系, 包括做为托佩克Norsvin种畜公司健康保障团队的兽医。

Mark Schwartz
Schwartz Farms Inc,Minnesota, USA


Mark Schwartz is Director of Production Systems with Schwartz Farms in Sleepy Eye, Minnesota. Schwartz Farms is a family owned pork and grain production company with over 200 employees and 125 independent contractors in the Midwest of the United States. Mr. Schwartz's responsibilities in his role include health maintenance and enhancement, biosecurity systems development and monitoring, employee and management training and education, genetic program management, breeding herd filtration and operational management of the 32,000 sows at eight breeding farms, as well as health monitoring with the weaning through finishing department and veterinary staff.Prior to joining Schwartz Farms, Mr. Schwartz was with Swift Independent Packing Company procurement division and farmers Commodity Corporation as a risk management analyst. He holds Bachelor of Science degrees in Agricultural Economics and Animal Science from the University of Minnesota.

马克·施瓦茨 是位于美国明尼苏达州斯里皮埃的施瓦茨农场的生产系统总监,施瓦茨农场是一个生猪和谷物生产的家族企业,在美国中西部的有200多名员工和125个独立承包商。施瓦茨先生的职责包括保证和提高健康,生物安全系统的开发和监控,员工和管理层培训和教育,品种管理,八个繁育场32,000头母猪种猪群的过滤和 运营,以及与断奶到育肥部门和兽医一同对健康的监控。在加入施瓦茨农场之前,施瓦茨先生曾是斯威夫特独立分装公司采购部门和农用品公司的风险管理分析师。 他曾就读于明尼苏达大学农业经济和动物科学专业获得学士学位。

Bob Thaler, Ph.D.
South Dakota State University,USA

Dr. Bob Thaler currently serves as Professor and Extension Swine Specialist at South Dakota State University. He joined the faculty at SDSU in 1988 after completing his PhD at Kansas State University in Swine Nutrition. Areas of research interest include alternate feedstuffs for swine, nutritional & structural strategies to reduce odor, and applied technologies to improve producer profitability. Some of the committees that Thaler serves on include the Executive Committee of the National Swine Nutrition Guide, the National Pork Board’s Producer Education Executive Committee, and the American Society of Animal Science’s national Extension Committee. Past positions held at SDSU include Animal Science Department Head, Program Leader - Ag & Natural Resources, and Assistant Director of the Agricultural Experiment Station. Thaler has made over 30 consulting trips to China since 1993, and has also consulted extensively in Southeast Asia and other parts of the world.

鲍 勃•泰勒博士目前担任南达科他州立大学教授和猪推广专家。在堪萨斯州立大学猪营养学博士毕业后,他于1988年开始在SDSU任教。研究兴趣领域包括猪替 代饲料,减少气味的营养和结构的策略,以及提高生产者收益的应用技术。泰勒参加的一些委员会包括全国猪营养指南执行委员会,全国猪肉局生产者教育执行委员 会和美国动物科学学会全国推广委员会。过去在SDSU担任的职位包括动物科学系主任,农业与自然资源项目负责人和农业实验站的助理主任。自1993年以 来,泰勒曾超过30次前往中国进行过顾问咨询,并且广泛地到东南亚及世界各地做顾问咨询工作。

Zhenfang Wu
Guangdong Wen's Food Inc.


Prof. Wu is the director of the Research Center for Engineering and Technology of the National Swine Breeding Program, chief scientist for pig production system in Guangdong province, president of the Research Institute of Wen’s Food Group, and general manager of Wen’s Breeding Division. He serves as the doctoral advisor at the South China Agricultural University and distinguished professor in Guangdong Zhujiang Scholar Program. Prof. Wu’s research interests include molecular genetics and pig breeding. He led developing the "Huanong Wen’s No. 1 Pig Breeding System " and commercializing large-scale pig production using four-way cross breeding system in China. In recent years, he made good progress in molecular breeding, somatic cell cloning, and transgenic pigs. He has led over 15 major projects funded by the International Foundation for Science (IFS), National Science Foundation for China, and major transgenic projects in "863" program. He received 9 rewards including Outstanding and Top Winner for Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award, and First Prize for the Guangdong Provincial Agricultural Technology Extension.

吴 珍芳教授是国家生猪种业工程技术研究中心主任,广东省生猪产业技术体系首席专家,广东温氏食品集团研究院院长,广东温氏食品集团种猪公司总经理。吴珍芳博 士在华南农业大学担任博士生导师,广东省珠江岗位学者特聘教授。他的研究方向为分子遗传与猪的育种。吴教授在种猪育种及产业化应用上有较好的理论基础和实 践经验。他主持培育的“华农温氏Ⅰ号猪配套系”,在国内率先推出生猪四元杂交配套生产体系并进行大规模产业化生产。近年在种猪分子育种、体细胞克隆和转基 因猪新品种培育研究上有良好进展。先后主持国际科学基金(IFS),国家自然科学基金,“863”重大专项和国家转基因重大专项等15项,曾获广东省科技 进步特等奖、一等奖和广东省农业技术推广一等奖等9项。

Guihong Zhang
South China Agricultural University


Dr. Zhang Guihong is a professor and doctoral advisor in the College of Veterinary Medicine at the South China Agricultural, and a specialist in National Pig Production System focusing on the investigation of epidemiology of pig disease in southern China. She is a board director of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Public Health Chapter of Chinese Association of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine and the committee member of the Expert Group of Public Emergency Management, Guangdong Province. Dr. Zhang provides consulting services and health management solution to pig producers. She has led several national and provincial research projects. She published 100+ papers as the first or corresponding author, among which 30+ have been cited by the Science Citation Index. Dr. Zhang was the key editor of 3 books, including Disease Identification, Prevention, and Control On Pig Farm; Atlas of Standardized Large-scale Pig Production, and Technical Guide for Improving Productivity for Small and Midsize Pig Farm. She is the principle reviewer for Coloratlas of Pig Diseases Diagnosis and Swine Disease, 10th ed.. She has received 4 academic wards, 3 new veterinary drug certificates, and 2 patents.

张桂红博士是华南农业大学兽医学院教授和博士生导师,国家生猪现代产业技术体系岗位专家,重点负责华南地区猪群疫病流行病学调查工作。现为广东省“千百十” 工程省级学术骨干培养对象,中国畜牧兽医学会兽医生物技术学分会常务理事,中国畜牧兽医学会兽医公共卫生学分会理事。近年来, 张博士一直在养猪生产第一线为规模化猪场及养殖户服务,解决生产实践问题。迄今共主持了多项国家、省部级科研课题,以第一作者或通讯作者发表研究论文100余篇,其中SCI收录30多篇。主编和参编学术专箸多部。参编《猪场防疫措施与疾病判别》、《生猪标准化规模养殖图册》、《中小规模养殖场生产水平 提高的主要技术措施》3部,主审《猪病诊断彩色图谱》及《猪病学》第十版2部。获得科研奖励4项,新兽药证书3个,专利2项。

Kewen Wang
Zoetis, China


Dr. Wang is the National Technical Service Manager for Swine Bussiness Unit, Zoetis, China. He works as technical service specialist since 1996 providing swine producers with production and health consulting and management services. From 2010 to present, he is the Head of technical service team for swine business, zoetis, China. Dr. Wang’s interests are epidemiology, prevention, control and elimination of swine diseases, especially viral diseases such as PRRS, PR, PCV-2, and CSF. He has published more than 20 peer review articles related to swine infectious diseases.

王科文博士是硕腾中国养猪业务部的全国技术服务经理,他从1996年开始做为技术服务专家,为养猪生产者提供生产和健康咨询和管理服务。从2010年至今, 他是硕腾中国养猪业务的技术服务团队负责人。王博士的兴趣主要有:流行病学,猪病的预防,控制和清除,尤其是病毒性的疾病,如蓝耳病,伪狂犬,圆环病毒 -2,和猪瘟。他发表了20多篇有关猪传染病同行审评的论文。

Yuanzhao Du
Qingdao Yebio Bioengineering Co., Ltd


Dr. Du completed his Bachelor and Master studies at the Yangzhou University in 1990. After obtaining a Master degree in livestock and poultry infectious diseases, he worked for the China Animal Health and Epidemiology Center. He received his Ph.D. in Veterinary Medicine at the Nanjing Agricultural University in 2005. As a research fellow, Dr. Du is a well-known specialist in livestock and poultry disease prevention and control in the country. He is now the General Manager of Qingdao Yebio Bioengineering Co., Ltd. He has long been engaged in research, prevention and control of livestock and poultry diseases and achieved outstanding results in national key projects in animal husbandry, and studies of poultry vaccines, and diagnostic reagents. A number of researches filled the national gap and achieved international standard. He was awarded the 2nd prize for the National Prize of Science and Technology Progress, and the National Prize of Technology Innovation.

杜元钊博士1990年在扬州大学完成本硕学业,获得畜禽传染病学农学硕士学位之后,就职于中国动物卫生与流行病学中心,2005年获得南京农业大学兽医博士学位,研究员,全国知名畜禽防治专家。现任青岛易邦生物工程有限公司总经理。杜元钊博士长期从事国家畜禽业重大疫病的防治研究工作,在国家畜牧业重点攻关课题、禽用疫苗及诊断液的研究等方面取得突出的成就。多项研究成果填补了国内空白达到国际先进水平,先后获得国家科学技术进步二等奖以及国家技术发明二 等奖。

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