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The 10th Leman China Swine Conference & 2021World Swine Industry Expo   Date: October 20-22,2021       Venue:Chongqing International Expo Center

Conference Topics

The conference covers high-level content of swine production, disease surveillance and control, the latest in research and development, and international perspectives of the swine industry. The event will provide interactive learning with a forum for discussion and case study with professional leaders.

2021 Sperkers » Xiaofan Wang


Xiaofan Wang

Dr. Xiaofan Wang has been a research associate advised by Dr. Jiangchao Zhao in the Department of Animal Science at the University of Arkansas since 2019. Her research focuses on swine nutrition, swine gut microbiome and ecology, and probiotics development. She has profound academic experience in investigating the relationships between the gut microbiome and host health/diseases using interdisciplinary skills such as -omics (genomics, metagenome, metabolomics, and cultureomics), bioinformatics, and molecular biology. Her research (published in Microbiome, mSystems, etc.) has drawn great attention in both academic and industrial fields. Dr. Wang characterized the longitudinal culture-dependent and -independent gut microbiome dynamics in pigs and established stage-associated probiotics isolation procedures and a state-of-the-art culture method reference for swine microbiotas. Three candidates isolated using this strategy were characterized as prominent swine probiotics and received Patent Cooperation Treaty. She will dedicate her time and enthusiasm to improving swine gut health and production by discovering more revolutionary probiotics.

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