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The 9th Leman China Swine Conference & 2020World Swine Industry Expo   Date: November 4-6,2020       Venue:Wuhan International Expo Center

Conference Topics

The conference covers high-level content of swine production, disease surveillance and control, the latest in research and development, and international perspectives of the swine industry. The event will provide interactive learning with a forum for discussion and case study with professional leaders.

2019 sperkers » Guihong Zhang


Guihong Zhang, PhD

Huanan Agricultural University, China

Dr. Zhang is the professor and PhD advisor at the College of Veterinary Medicine, Huanan Agricultural University. She is currently an expert in the modern pig industrial technology system, focusing on the investigation of epidemiological swine diseases and elimination of swine fever in southern China. She is the executive director of the Veterinary Biotechnology branch and the director of the Veterinary Public Health branch of the Chinese Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Society. She serves as the chair of the Swine Disease branch of the Guangdong Province Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Society, and a member of the emergency management of public emergencies experts group in Guangdong. In recent years, Dr. Zhang works at the front line of pig production, serving large-scale pig farms and solving practical problems in production. So far, she has hosted a number of national, provincial and ministerial research projects, and published more than 100 research papers as the first author or correspondent author, including more than 60 articles in SCI. She participated in the editing of several academic monographs, including “Pig disease prevention measures and disease identification”, “Standardized pig scale farming”, and “Main technicalmeasures for raising the production level of small and medium-sized farms”. She was the primary reviewer of “Color map of pig disease diagnosis” and “Swine Disease (the tenth edition)”. She has received four scientific research awards, three new veterinary medicine certificates, and two patents.

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