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The 8th Leman China Swine Conference & 2019 World Swine Industry Expo   Date: October 19-21, 2019      Venue: Zhengzhou, China

Conference Topics

The conference covers high-level content of swine production, disease surveillance and control, the latest in research and development, and international perspectives of the swine industry. The event will provide interactive learning with a forum for discussion and case study with professional leaders.

2018Speakers » Hans Aae


Hans Aae,pdmix,DLG Group

Hans Aae graduated from the Royal Danish Veterinary and Agricultural University with extensive R&D and management experience in the field of animals. During 2014-2017, he visited China's swine farms for technical services and had his own unique insights into the Chinese pig breeding industry. Hans Aae became a nutrition consultant for Danish DLG in 1992 and is dedicated to providing advice to swine business owners and product development for all types of swine feed. In 1999, he joined Vitfoss, Europe's third largest agricultural company, as the head of nutrition consultants, responsible for the nutrition of all species (mainly in the field of swine) and sales in European countries, and participated in company management with the CEO. Since 2014, he has served as the Director of R&D at DLG Group, where he is responsible for coordinating the development of pork, ruminants and poultry products and the transfer of knowledge to the world.

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